So apparently you have some kind of interest in podcasting. Either that or you attended the talk that Tony and I put on at the Adult Services Retreat at the White Tank Branch. Either way, here’s some links, outlines, notes, and a picture of Jimmy Durante.


Our outline of our presentation. It’ll give you the main points we wanted to highlight.

The script of our performance. A little ditty by Dan Messer.


Skype. It’s like telephone, but for the Internet.

Audacity. A powerful, and free, digital audio workstation.

Adobe Audition. One of the best digital audio workstation packages available. Unfortunately, it is the very opposite of free.

iTunes. For you Apple folks.

DoubleTwist. A great iTunes clone for Android and other MP3 players.

Links- Websites

QC BOOKTALK. Our website for our podcast.

Internet Archive. Free hosting and podcasting capable.

Blogger. Wanna do a podcast? Gotta have a website.

WordPress. See: Blogger.

FeedBurner. Turn that RSS or Atom feed into a RSS 2.0 feed that’s iTunes ready. It even has the ability to tweak the feed specifically for podcasting and iTunes.

Jimmy Durante

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