Daniel Messer is a public library circulation supervisor who specializes in customer service and library technology and automation. He maintains a broad background in computer technologies like operating systems, mobile operating systems, web development, blogging platforms, integrated library systems, and digital media production. Moreover, he works to apply these various technologies to the field of library circulation.

Beyond library circulation, he’s also the Interlibrary Loans Coordinator for the Maricopa County Library District and serves on the Digital Downloads Committee where he helps patrons with eReader and eBook problems.

Dan applies his skills as an artist, musician, film maker, and writer to the online world. He’s a podcaster, the creator of an online history show, and has recorded and published several songs online. All the while, he looks at how these various abilities can further the world of libraries and enhance the experience of using the library.

Contact him via greatwesterndragon (at) gmail (dot) com

Online Hangouts-

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