I’m pickin’ up my Bits and taking them elsewhere!

Not that I have anything against WordPress.com, which should be evident when you visit the new site which is a self-hosted WordPress installation. See, recently, I’ve been working on a website for our Friends of the Library group. As we worked on updating their site from a static HTML set up to a dynamic website, we talked about actually taking all of the staff’s websites and housing them under one roof. So the couple of story time blogs that my co-workers have, a volunteer site hosted in another location, and Not All Bits are going to have happy new homes in a place of our own making!

I can’t turn that down, because that sounds awesome.

So, while I’m still doing some updating, re-themeing, and stuff — you can certainly dig on the new site and expect to see the same stuff there that you did here.

But wait, there’s more!

Since Not All Bits will be moving to a site with a more local focus around my town, my library, and our community, you’ll start seeing new articles geared toward those things! I’ll be posting some of the questions we get regarding downloads, books, and the like and answering them. (I’ll be anonymizing the original poster’s information, of course.) I’ll talk more about the things going on in my library and in my town. In other words, there’s just going to be more good stuff and, if you like it here, I really think you’ll like it there too.

Come see me!