Last week, I heard someone speak about jobs and finding them in the 21st century. She was excellent. One of the topics she talked about was the importance of having an up to date resume, even if you’re not looking for a job.

I am so totally not looking for a job right now, but I can see her point. So I took a look at my resume and decided a couple of things. First, I could pick and choose from my longer resume and bring the thing down to one page. That’d be nice. Second, since I’m not searching for anything right now, I could have some fun. Maybe jazz it up and have a more eye catching resume than the standard black ink on white paper.

Maybe, I could format it in a way very familiar to librarians.

So after a couple of hours (off and on) with Microsoft Publisher and GIMP, I created a resume that mimics the search page of the Polaris ILS, a system I’ve worked with for 12 years or so. I dunno, but I think I like it.