The thing about writing a blog post is that you have to actually sit down and write it. That can be a problem if you don’t have a lot of time, don’t have immediate access to a computer, or whatever else. Thing is, I come across articles all the time about one of my favourite subjects, namely public library circulation. It’d be nice if I could at least throw up a bunch of links and a quick comment in a well presented and somewhat meaningful way.

Well, turns out I can.

A few days back, the lovely Laura introduced me to something called It’s kind of a curated aggregator where you can declare a topic, set some keywords, and information will start coming to you which is relevant to your interest. From there you can share it, comment on it, and post it in a well thought out design. They also have a bookmarklet so you can share sites and links even if you’re not on their site. After all, they realize that you’re not going to get everything from them and that you cull information from other sources.

I immediately went and requested an invitation… which arrived today. So I set up a public library circulation site which will be updated far more often than this blog. While I’m by no means shutting down here, I’ll start posting tidbits of interesting (I hope) stuff over there, and coming back here to actually write something thoughtful.

Have a look if you have the interest. My first impressions of thus far have been very positive.