Today, we had a non-resident who was a little upset (and understandably so) that we charge a $50 annual fee for a library card if you don’t live in our service area, which happens to be one of the largest counties in America. It’s a county so big it is actually bigger than some states.

The person in question already went through and selected some materials for check out before hearing the bad news. I had them leave the stuff with me so we can put it away for them. Just out of curiosity, I added up the costs of the materials, as if they were to buy them from a book store.

It came to $48.36. If one added on sales tax, then it’d have been over $50.

This was just a handful of items. Nowhere near the limit we allow patrons to check out. They could’ve had much more and, for fifty bucks, they could’ve come back over and over again for a year and gotten more and more and more. As long as they returned stuff on time, they’d have paid not a dime more for the rest of the year.

Sometimes, I really wonder if people understand basic math.