No no no, not the gun kind of shooting. I’m talking about the camera kind.

I’m doing some work on a video project for my library and I figured I’d toss up a post here to kind of show what I do and what I work with. Kinda goes along with podcasting, but adding that extra element of video makes it a lot more interesting! (Of course, it also adds a whole new layer of work. Me, I think it’s worth it.)

So what’re you looking at there? Despite the tiny size of that camera on the tripod, it shoots in 720p HD. In front of it, on the left and right you’ll see two microphones providing better audio pick up than the camera is capable of. Those are routing back to a Behringer audio mixer (underneath the computer and out of frame) which is plugged into the laptop computer there on the book cart. For recording audio, I’m using Audacity. because it’s free, and it works really well for the job.

We still have to shoot a couple more scenes, then I’ll need to edit it all together. Hopefully should be able to get that done in the next week or so!