So I’m working the front desk and one of our awesome children’s librarians is giving a tour of the library. Now then, when she and her entourage got up to the self check machines at the front of the desk, I heard her start to sing a little song about self check outs! As a Circ Guy, I think that kind of thing is incredibly awesome. I didn’t catch all of it, only enough to get the gist.

I emailed her and asked for the lyrics and she happily provided them. She claims it’s not her work, but that’s not a problem with me. I’ve never heard a self check out song and I couldn’t care less if she wrote the lyrics or if Stephen Sondheim wrote ’em. They are just as freaking cute as they can be.

So, sung to the tune of I’m a Little Teapot:

I’m a little self-check, short and stout!
Here is my scanner, let’s check you out!
When you lay your book flat I will shout,
“Beep-thump-beepity,” you’re checked out!