Last Wednesday (February 9, 2011), I was honoured to be part of a group presenting at the Adult Services Retreat at the beautiful White Tank Branch of the Maricopa County Library District. My cohort Tony and I talked about the things we do for the adult story time and podcast, how we record it, how we get it online, and all that kind of thing. I’m working on a series on podcasting here on this blog, but this was some real world stuff that anyone with an interest in library podcasting might have an interest in. So while this stuff isn’t part of the series, it still fits in pretty well.

Anyhow, we not only talked about our podcast, we recorded a show live, right there in front of a great crowd of librarians. We were a little pressed for time, so we did a short piece I wrote titled Caffeinated Roadrunning, an homage (or rip off) of Hunter Thompson.

If you’d like to check out the podcast, it’s online at the normal place. If you’d like to see our notes, the script, and links to some of the sites and software we talked about, I’ve thrown that up right here on Not All Bits.

More shows coming soon, because we are having a lot of fun here, people!