Earlier this week, or was it last week? Heck I can never keep up. Let’s play pretend it was this week, okay?
Earlier this week, the Net went abuzz with news that Yahoo is going to "sunset" Delicious, one of the most popular services that it offers. Now, never mind how stupid Yahoo is that they couldn’t take this service and make something of it. Never mind how dumb it is that they’re just going to kill it or sell it because they don’t have the creativity or the drive to make it something wonderful. Nope, they’re going to just put it down like a sick horse.
Anyway, after a good ten minutes of research, I decided to move my bookmarks to Diigo and immediately saw what Delicious could’ve been if someone over at Yahoo possessed a brain.
One of the coolest thing that Diigo does is allow you to post links right to your blog along with a post. That’s where this post came from actually. I’m typing it up on Diigo.
So what I’m going to start doing is passing bookmarks to Diigo of the things I’ve been up to and posting in a given week, and then passing them on to a blog post. I’m going on vacation next week, so things might be a tad short but for the most part, I tend to post several things in different places every week and it’d be nice to call attention to some of them. So yeah, enjoy, and Happy Holidays and what not!

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.