logosIf someone ever asks you why social networking is important and how it can help us, here’s your answer.

There are few things more distressing to me than the inability to remember something cool or interesting that I saw a few days ago, but cannot find. See, a few days back a lovely friend sent me a link to a really cool video on YouTube. Today, I told a co-worker about it who is an even bigger music geek than I. Of course I could tell him about the video, the song, the performers, and everything except the name of the band or the name of the song.

No one here at work speaks much German, so I can swear and cuss and offend no one, and I did.

Then I remembered, oh yeah! The friend that told me about this video has a YouTube account! Let me log into my account and go check hers out. She probably favourited it or liked it or whatever YouTube calls the activity that is marking something as awesome.

Sure enough, she did. Right there on her account was the video, front and centre.

One of the many reasons that social networking is important is that it can remember things for us. I couldn’t remember the song or the video, and it turns out that I didn’t have to. Someone remembered it for me.

Oh yeah, the video. Isn’t it exquisite?