So, I’m working check in this morning, which isn’t at all odd because I tend to work check in every morning. It’s literally a moment of Zen for me because, when I’m working check in, that’s all I’m doing. Occasionally I’ll listen to music, but mostly, I’m just checking in.

A Buddhist wise man once said that when you’re walking, know that you are walking. Well, when I’m checking in I know that I’m checking in. Still, I have the occasional odd thought because my mind is really fond of making connections between two or more seemingly unrelated things.

We have several branches in our system. Two of which are called El Mirage (which is the coolest name for a branch) and Sun City. As I’m checking things in, I come up with one item that needs to go to El Mirage and two that need to go to Sun City. So, as I set them aside I say to myself:

“I’ve got two Sun Cities and an El Mirage.”

Which was immediately replaced with:

I’ve got two turntables and a microphone.”

That’s just the barest peek at the workings of my brain. Is it any wonder I drink?