When we first opened, my boss asked if there was any place in the library we wanted to “adopt” as being the place where we set up displays based on the items in that area. Naturally I chose the science section. Since then, I’ve kept a display going that’s basically just suggested items, books, and the like. Nothing much, and certainly not at all eye catching. Then today, I decided to do something a little different.

I wanted to bring some attention to that area, maybe educate a little and, of course, whip a few items for the patrons to try out. Now then, that’s pretty easy when you think about it and there are some other things I have in mind for that area. Still, for the time being, I think this is better than what I had and that’s the most important thing. Here, take a look:


So I snagged a colourful and humourous SCIENCE image. It has no point but to be funny and kind of label the science display. Other than that, pure amusement for myself and other geeks. For those not as into science, it also presents a look at the subject as something that may not be as bone dry as they think. I stuck the image into a clear, plastic stand so it’s fairly well protected and will stand on its own. I’ll change this out every so often with similar images. They may not always be funny, but they will serve as eye candy.


On the top shelf, I’m going to have something new every week. I want a beautiful science related image and then, next to it, a little bit about what that image is. For the very first one, I did something simple that anyone could do. I found a gorgeous picture of the Large Hadron Collider and then I bounced over to Wikipedia and grabbed a clip from an article on the subject. (Of course, I cited my source on the paper.) This way, there are two eye catching images related to the section along with a quickie blurb about something in the realm of scientific niftyness.

In other words, I’m actually displaying something now, rather than just standing books on their ends.