Not to be confused with split peas and bacon, which is delicious.

google-reader_logoI read a lot of feeds. I use Google Reader and I think I had somewhere around 400 subscriptions rolling around in it. These feeds covered an entire gamut of subjects, themes, and genres. There were book news feeds, tech feeds, culture feeds, erotica feeds, video game feeds, and comic feeds. There were feeds from my own sites so I could make sure that the RSS was going out properly. There were feeds from my friends sites. I had feeds from all over and I was getting more than a little bogged down in it all. Sure, they were all categorized but still, 400 categorized feeds are still 400 feeds.

You notice I’m writing all of that in the past tense?

I took a look at my feeds and there wasn’t anything I wanted to cut. I’m an info junkie, so I need my feeds. Then I took a look at how I used these feeds and they basically broke down in to two BIG categories.

1. Feeds I use to collect content for my blogs.

2. Feeds I read for information, learning, and other news type stuff.

Since my personal blog is heavy on images (I’m an image junkie too.) that means that a bunch of category one were image blogs and image feeds. Category two feeds were mostly text based stuff that required more reading.

FeedDemonSo I had an idea. I’ve got more than one Google account. (Doesn’t everyone?) Why not split that huge collection of feeds between two accounts? One could cater to my information satiation while the other delivered images and blog related stuff. And, to make things easier, I could attach one account to FeedDemon while browsing the other from Firefox. That way I could take advantages of the abilities of both programmes to utilize the incoming information.

For instance, I use a few different plug-ins on Firefox to save images into different folders for easy blogging and stuff like that. Therefore Firefox would best serve that set of feeds for me. But, when it comes to actually reading information, FeedDemon rocks and I really like how it displays the information. So the upside is that I can have Firefox logged into one account while FeedDemon pulls from the other and they can give me a constant stream of goodies throughout the day.

That’s what an info junkie like me calls a “win-win situation.”