Let’s get things straight.

I’m not only a nerd, but I’m also a geek. Any geek will tell you that there are different kinds of geek. You can be a computer geek, or a music geek, or a gadget geek, or any other kind of geek. It’s not only possible, but likely that a geek will have more than one passion. The reason for this is simple, passions have a way of folding into each other when you’re obsessively into something.

I’m a music geek, and I’m a computer geek. Naturally I’ve hooked my digital keyboard to my computer.

So, I also happen to be an audio geek. For the library band, and for myself, I purchased a small, inexpensive eight channel audio mixing board. I’ve used it to record the band and I’m going to use it for audio pick up on my shows. Thing is, most of the time it just sits on my desk at work. For someone like me, that’s just wrong, man.

I’ll be doing some audio production for an upcoming band performance, so I went ahead and dropped my keyboard on my desk too. But that’s one thing plugged into an eight channel board. No no no. I can do better, and indeed I will.

I wanted to listen to my work computer, my keyboard, my laptop, and my iPod through the same set of headphones. But I hate pulling the phones out of one thing and switching them to another. Well, that’s what an audio board is for, isn’t it? I gathered a few cables and starting patching things around.

I’ll need a couple more cables, but here’s what you’re looking at. I’ve got cables running from my iPod Touch through to the board which has the headphones jacked in their own output. The way that patch is set up allows me to plug any 3.5mm jack into that for input, so I can also patch the computer and laptop through it to as needed. When I get a couple more cables, the laptop and the work computer will each have their own input into the board to send through my headphones as well. The keyboard has a patch through to the board as well.

I’ll sneak out to my local Radio Shack here in the next couple days. By the time I’m done, my desk is going to be literally wired for sound.