The latest feeds came down a few days ago, but I was in the middle of moving house so I just sat on them until now when I actually have some, you know, free time. This time around, things are on a mellow sort of sci-fi groove with a little pop tart to go with it.

mst3k Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection: Volume 1

What do you get when you take bad science fiction movies, lousy horror films, and those inane short documentary films they showed you in high school; and then combine them with a guy living in a space station and his two robot pals? You get absolute hilarity in the form of MST3K. These shows were some of the funniest things to ever appear on TV and many of them caused me physical pain from laughing so hard.


LongForThisWorld Long For This World: The Strange Science of Immorality
Jonathan Weiner

It’s been said that life is a disease; sexually transmitted and ultimately fatal. Well, perhaps we can look upon death in the same way. As the years go buy, we’re living longer. Medical advances in disease treatment help that, surely. But what if we look upon death as just another disease, in other words, something needing a cure? You want to live forever? You might just be able to.



LawsOfIllusion The Laws Of Illusion
Sarah McLachlin

I’ve been a Sarah McLachlin fan for most of my life. She’s got a certain quality to her music that I find lacking in a lot of other music. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a musical snob, as my next recommendation will attest. Still, even though I like pop tunes, there’s a certain difference between that stuff and music. McLachlin makes music, and it tends to be awesome.



Bionic Bionic
Christina Aguilera

So here’s the deal. You gotta have “junk” in everything. Yeah I read lots of good science books and literary stuff. I also read bad sci-fi and supernatural romances. Look, if you want to be all erudite and scholarly, fine. Me, I like to have a little fun and while I expect this album to have little in the way of artistic redemption, I expect it to be a helluva lotta fun.


ferante All Time Greatest Hits
Ferrante & Teicher

Almost anyone under the age of 40 is going to look at this recommendation and wonder “Who?” No, not The Who, but two of the greatest pianists who ever lived. Ferrante & Teicher played piano duets and turned out some of the greatest instrumental tunes of all time. If you’re into standards, classics, or just superb piano playing, this is your album.