I know I don’t post here too often and that’s because I know that many of the things I find interesting are quite boring to other library folk, even those working in the same field as I am. (In this case, public library circulation.)

But, you know, what’s a library and librarian blog without some upcoming titles of things I want to read? And by “want to read” I mean I am physically lusting after some of this stuff. Our library uses Wowbrary to generate content (and RSS feeds FTW) based on new items added to our catalogue. Since I’m a total library nerd, I get selected feeds in my Google Reader, and receive an email with all the latest updates. Thanks to that, I know what’s coming and can place reserves accordingly. This time we have a whole bunch of cool stuff for the hot summer months:


He Walked Among Us
Norman Spinrad

Norman Spinrad is a science fiction deity. His latest work involves a man, a stand up comic, who might just be a time traveling savior of humanity come to rescue us from a terrible future. How? The power of laughter, of course!



GhostsManhattan Ghosts Of Manhattan
George Mann

While Publishers Weekly is panning this one, I find the ideas irresistible. Set in an alternate, steampunk Manhattan of the Roaring ‘20s we find the city protected by The Ghost. While the summaries don’t talk much about him, the cover image depicts him as a cross between The Shadow and The Spirit. Gritty and comic book-ish, this sounds like the perfect book for a hot summer afternoon.



How To Live Safely In A Science Fictional Universe
Charles Yu

This is a funny and heartwarming story of a man’s search for his father… through quantum space-time. Set in a world where people go time traveling all the time, Charles Yu (the author and protagonist) acts as a fix-it guy, trying to stop people from changing the past.




Sympathy For The Devil

A collection of short stories by the same publisher who brought you The Living Dead, By Blood We Live, and The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. So let’s get this straight, this collection includes devlish stories by the likes of Stephen King, Scott Westerfield, and Holly Black? Yeah, I am all for this.



Voyager: Seeking Newer Worlds In The Third Great Age Of Discover
Stephen J. Pyne

I’m a historian and the history of science is on of my specialties. The Voyager probes are a wonder of human endeavour and technology. Pyne examines the programme that changed our perceptions not only of the universe, but also of ourselves.



Hot X: Algebra Exposed
Danica McKellar

While most people remember Danica McKellar as Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years, many more are becoming acquainted with her through her books on mathematics. A respected mathematician and popularizer of the subject, she returns with her third book to show that yes, math can be fun and cool.