I’m a circulation librarian and I’ve specialized in circulation and circ tech for years, going on twenty of them now. So I don’t know much about the world of archives and archival librarians.

But I’ve been learning.

I’ve learned a lot recently because I have a friend who works in archives. She’s a member of the SAA, ACA, and the LSW and I actually know what a couple of those abbreviations mean. She’s good, damn good and a fantastic teacher. So even though I will probably never apply the archival knowledge I’ve picked up, that doesn’t bother me because it’s equally unlikely that I’ll ever find practical application for my knowledge of exosolar planetary systems. The point is that I don’t care if I’ll ever apply the information because I take pleasure in the fact that I’m smarter because of her.

So she read this article in The Chronicle of Higher Education about some self-important jackass dropping in unannounced at a rather special archive. It irked her and she wrote a response that I think is worth reading; not because she’s my friend but because it’s a well written and properly snarky response.