I’m not a member of the Green movement or anything, but I see no reason to waste paper when you don’t have to. I’ll probably never save a tree, but if I can prevent the death of a few saplings here and there, then that’s okay by me.

Case in point:

Our library holds requested items for seven days after they come in.  After that the items are pulled, the patron is charged a restocking fee, and then the items are sent on to wherever they need to go. To easily pull the unclaimed holds, we have our ILS spit out a list of them so we can just go down the line and pull the ones we’re after instead of leafing through all of them looking for a certain date.

Well, I used to have the ILS spit out that list on paper. I always felt kind of bad about doing that because it’s a list I use once and then toss. Like I said, it seems kinda wasteful. So I came up with, what I think to be, a better solution.

Our ILS has the ability to generate a PDF of the list rather than print it on paper. What I’ll do is take that PDF, save it to my drive, and then e-mail it to myself. Then I whip out my iPod Touch, pull up my e-mail, and then pull up the PDF. (iPod Touches can read PDFs right out of their box.) All I have to do now is just mosey down the shelves looking at my iPod and pulling the unclaimed holds. Once I get them all, I delete the e-mail and the PDF and go about my day.

No paper needed.