I was talking with a very beautiful librarian friend of mine and, don’t ask me how, but the subject turned to D&D. Now I’ve played D&D since I was a teenager and one thing really trips my trigger about D&D.

You can become a librarian.

Sure, sure they call it Loremaster and stuff, but let’s face it, you’re a librarian. Here’s the art for the Loremaster prestige class:

That, my friends, is a librarian. How do I know? Well:

  • She’s wearing glasses
  • Her hair is up and tied back
  • She is wearing sandals
  • She is carrying just as many books and reading materials as humanly possible
  • She has a backpack, full of more reading material
  • Her breasts aren’t really sagging, she just refuses to wear a bra
  • She makes sure you notice that she’s not wearing a bra by wearing an outfit cut to reveal she’s not wearing said bra
  • Severe look on her face? Check
  • There is absolutely no fashion sense displayed here
  • She’s wearing strings to hang things from. If you’ve ever seen librarians and what they carry around their neck on lanyards…
  • Multiple ear piercings
  • She’s carrying a device made specifically for the task of hauling books so she can read them while she’s walking

Yeah, she’s a librarian all right. Hey Wizards of the Coast? WTF, man?