HedyLamarrFace it, most of the people in Hollywood and various entertainment industries are pants-on-head stupid. They rattle on about linking autism to vaccinations, about thetans and aliens implanting souls, and then they open their mouths about politics and their brains fall out on the floor.

There was a time when Hollywood stars actually did things and weren’t afraid to show off their intelligence. Today, it seems that if a star is a nerd, then they might be shunned. But harken back to the days when sexy screen queen Hedy Lamarr burned up the cinemas. She was a decent actress, entertaining, hot, and smarter than your average bear in that she invented things.


Yes, you know, things like remote controlled torpedoes and radio frequency hopping. Seriously, this was a woman of science and she knew what the hell she was doing. If she had any fault in her ideas, it’s that they were just about 10 years ahead of their time.