funny-dog-pictures-sick-in-bed-cough-8x6 There’s nothing like coming down with a flu bug to put a crimp in your blogging. On Monday, I started to get sick and came home from work early with chills and the shakes. I took a nice hot bath which sent the chills away and cured my shakes. Then I got out of the tub, toweled off, and proceeded to throw up. By Monday evening I had a high fever and nausea.

Tuesday was even worse in that department. I always felt cold no matter what the conditions were. In the middle of August, in Arizona, I laid in bed wearing a sweat suit. Occasionally I’d get up to heave and one time was particularly magical because the muscles in my throat tightened hard enough to squeeze my carotid artery and shut off the flow of oxygenated blood to my brain which led to cerebral ischemia.

In other words, I damn near fainted while throwing up.

Thankfully, Cat brought home generic NyQuil and I was able to keep it down. So I slept and sweat and then sweat some more and woke up feeling half human Tuesday night.

Wednesday I was over it, but I was so damned weak from the sickness that walking around was a chore. I’d lost over five pounds in two days and still had issues staying hydrated.

The point is, I’m back and better now, and I’ve got things to write about. Sorry for the absence, guys!

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