iphone_doc_scannerWhen I was in college I needed a second hard drive in my computer. The first one was filling up with important classwork, research notes, and papers. It was horrible. There was barely any room left for my MP3s and pornography.

So I bought a new hard drive. Unfortunately it came with absolutely nothing to mount it, even though it should have. Oh well, these things happen and I made use of what I had in the flat to mount it in my computer. In this case I used poster putty and cardboard.

Don’t knock it. It worked. As a matter of fact, when I sold the computer a year or so later the hard drive was still in there and working just fine, thank you very much.

Since then, I’ve had a real appreciation for people who do technologically cool things with simple materials. I’ve seen some really impressive stuff, but this iPhone based document scanner made completely out of cardboard is undoubtedly the best so far. Sure, you wouldn’t want to scan a whole book with it, but a couple of papers for class or work that you might need to access later? Yeah, this will do the job.

It fills me with a gleeful energy when I see expensive devices mated with cheap crap to make something wonderful.