My contribution to Library Day in the Life.

5:30am Woke up because my son decided it was time to get up. Got up and hopped online for a bit. Checked e-mail, got my daily webcomic fix, and read through my RSS feeds while the kiddo watched the telly.

6:00 The girl awakens and I get her out of her crib. She wants breakfast now and I make breakfast for her and her brother. Do the dishes, start the laundry, do a little general pick up, and dress the girl.

6:30 Checked in on the wife who is dead to the world in bed. Let her sleep and went to play with the kids.

7:30 Wife is up and about and wants to go to the gym. I pack my lunch and work clothes because I have to be at work by 11:00. She eats a quick breakfast and we get the boy dressed and ready.

8:00 We’re just about ready to leave for the gym. I needed to find some workout clothes and the boy took forever to get dressed.

8:15 Left for the gym.

8:30 Dropped the kids off at the gym’s kid care centre and I went to the stationary cycles. This circ jerk needs his cardio, dammit. Did a 30 minute stretch on the cycle. Went and lifted weights after that. Wife went swimming and did her thing. No I’m not a health nut. I’m an asthmatic hemophiliac with a bad back. There’s a decent chance my time on this planet is severely limited, so I’m going to make sure I stay around as long as I can.

10:00 Left the gym. Headed for work. It’s a bit of a drive so we wanted to make sure we left early.

10:25 Arrived at the library. My branch is a green building and, to promote bicycling or walking to work, there is a shower onsite. So I took a quick shower, shaved, and dressed for the day.

10:45 Walked out of the bathroom and got my first issue of the day. Our money handling system occasionally doesn’t talk to our ILS. So we wind up with little weird accounting bits on the patron statuses. I took the print out, went to my desk, brought up the account, and cleared up the issue. Took less than five minutes.

11:00 I’m “officially” here and on the clock, but I’ve already checked my e-mail and responded to something from my boss regarding a programme. My branch has a library band and we’re going to do a performance/workshop for the kiddos in a couple of months. This is going to be awesome.

11:02 Checked the daily schedule my boss prepares. I’m off desk the first hour. Nice, I can get a few things done!

11:15 Sent out an e-mail to my branch co-workers and my friends in the library system. I finished editing the opening sequence for my online documentary series last night, and I hoped they might want to check it out.

11:30 Cleared up some problems with missing items on the request to fill (RTF) list. I’ve been lax all throughout July because so many of the things I declared missing in June turned up. So I figured I’d wait until our summer reading extravaganza was over.

11:39 Answered a question from a co-worker about how Overdrive works with iPods and iPhones. Short answer, not well. Overdrive just does not impress me. Oh well…

11:50 Hopped on Twitter and found out Les Lye died. (aka Barth from You Can’t Do That On Television) Feeling a little bummed out now. Checked my @ replies and brought up one more look at my work e-mail.

11:53 Made coffee. GAWD I need coffee. Time to go process the held items we received from other branches in our system! And you know what that means, it means I sit at a computer in the back of the library, check stuff in and LISTEN TO INTERNET RADIO, BABY!

12:00 Did some troubleshooting and fixing on our self check in and sorting machine. Every now and again, something goes sideways in its software and it need a reboot and some swearing.

12:05 Helping out a new transfer and getting her up to speed on the different things we all do out here. Processing holds is easy and she knows how, so we’re both working on them. That’ll get this crap done much more quickly!

12:06 At my desk with holds cart. Time for tunes. I prefer SomaFM and their Space Station Soma channel. But Groove Salad is pretty awesome. Today, I’ll listen to Mission Control, the channel where they play ambient tunes with back ground audio from NASA mission control, moon launches, and that kinda thing. As an astronomy nerd, it makes me giggle. Got a cup of coffee and fired up the laser gun.

12:50 Finished my cart (I have a slow printer.) Just enough time to refill the coffee and get ready for my first front desk shift of the day in ten minutes.

2:14pm Off the desk and done with training the transferred staff member. She knows this stuff, so basically we just sat and talked for an hour while helping people. Good times. She went home after that and I’m off desk for a couple hours to work on things. First up, an in depth conversation with the Youth Services folks on the merits of The Wiggles and Sam vs Greg.

2:20 Went and took a quick break. Back at…

2:40 Got some items here that were supposedly on hold for us but aren’t but they were flagged as if they were and I’m thinking the only way to educate some people about this little discrepancy involves a game of “Ax, Ax, Who’s Got The Ax?” Got an interlibrary loan that needs to go home too. Tagged them for their destinations and ran them to the shipping/receiving room in back.

2:50 Checked and responded to various administrivial e-mails and tasks

2:57 Damaged item question. A book found on the shelf had a slight bit of dog chewing along the bottom of the spine. Meh, I’ma mark it damaged and let it go back out.

3:08 Checked my news feeds, especially those related to library, science, and information science news.

3:35 Discussed the merits and disadvantages of requesting references with the two folks in charge of volunteers. They decided to ask anyway and use them as needed. Good idea as sometimes you have two really good candidates, but you can only choose one. We flirted with the idea of going Highlander with such a decision, but decided that swords weren’t within our budget.

3:46 Quick blogged a couple things in the midst of taking care of timesheets. Normally my boss handles the timesheets but she’s on holiday this week.

3:56 Announced the all new Hyperlinked History programme on LISNews and Twitter. This show is gonna be a lotta fun to do!

4:00 DINNER!

5:00 Out on the desk for the next three hours. We close at 8, so this could get interesting. Then again Tuesday isn’t our busiest night. It will require coffee however, but that’ll come later.

5:01 It’s later. Getting coffee.

5:07 Helped a patron insert a bullet point into their Word document.

5:10 One of our regular little girls got herself a pair of glasses. She’s very proud and feels very grown up!

5:17 Helped another patron merge their cover letter with resume so they could send them both to an online job site.

5:19 Had a lovely little conversation with one of our more bubbly happy patrons. In a parallel universe, I’m probably sleeping with her.

5:26 My coffee has spawned coffee desire in a co-worker. She’s off to the back to get herself a cup.

5:32 First weird question of the night: “Do you guys use library cards?”

5:43 “Yes, you can return the books in the bookdrop.” Sigh

5:56 Helped a patron with a web question. It is not a series of tubes, but the drive up at the bank is.

6:00 Renewed and accepted payment for a non-res card. Given the status of libraries in the neighbouring counties, some people happily pay US$50.00 a year to access our branch. We love those people if for no other reason than they see us as something valuable.

6:01 Helped a volunteer get signed in.

6:12 Fought with a computer to convert a resume that’s a Word 2007 docx to Word 2003 doc file. Websites which don’t yet accept the .docx format are friggin’ broken. As y’all can see, there’s a lot of job-search related stuff going on these days.

6:33 The night is starting to slow down a bit. People are mainly doing the self serve thing and only asking for our help when they really need it.

6:39 “Nah it’s okay. Sometimes I think those self check out machines were made by some mutant with his own three hands and in the basement of a disused laboratory.”

6:56 “This movie isn’t checking out.”

7:01 Yes, ILL can be a bitch. Here’s a website called the Advanced Book Exchange. Just buy a used copy. See? Twenty bucks. Yeah, it is pretty sweet!

7:05 thump DING! thump DING! thump DING! … Well, at least one self check out in is working like it should.

7:18 Walker, Texas Ranger Season 2, Wanted, and Mamma Mia? Which one is for your wife?

7:26 No honey, let’s not eat the DVD. It’s not a shiny donut.

7:30 Time to go count and balance my cash drawer.

7:43 Wife and kiddos show up to give me a ride home. Daddy’s girl is ecstatic to see me!

7:50 Closing announcement, flashed the lights.

7:55 Final warning.

8:00 Time to bounce!

8:15 Home. Dinked around on the computer, but I’m kinda tired. Gotta good book to read so….

9:00 Bedtime!