lol_wut I don’t own an iPhone. Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to have one of those things but as soon as I heard that Apple established exclusivity with AT&T, there was no way it’d ever happen. See, I freakin’ hate AT&T. I used to have them as a carrier, but at the end of my contract they wanted me to pay another fee to re-up for another two years.

I’ll repeat that.

After two years of service with AT&T, I actually wanted to sign up again and get a new phone. AT&T wanted me to pay more to do that. Unfortunately for them, they did this in a mall, in an AT&T store right down the hall from a Verizon store. I’ve been with Verizon ever since.

So the reason I don’t own an iPhone is because I refuse to go back to AT&T. Here’s yet another reason, among several others, why I won’t even consider it. AT&T has decided to censor its own web access. In their wisdom, because AT&T executives are oh so much smarter than anyone else, they have decided that you do not need access to 4chan. (CLICK THAT LINK AT YOUR RISK. HIGHLY NSFW!)

Now then, whether or not you like websites like 4chan, you cannot deny their influence on the web. LOL Cats? Started at 4chan. Rickrolling? 4chan started that. 4chan is like a warehouse of online culture and memes, it just happens to be a warehouse that stocks deviant sexual acts. We wouldn’t have the whole FAIL concept without 4chan. But AT&T says it’s filthy and depraved and you don’t get to look at because AT&T said so.

invisible-bike-20080517-191704 Never mind that you never paid AT&T to act as your parent. Don’t bother with the fact that, as an adult, you can make your own decisions. After all, AT&T is God. They have to be God because they have the Jesus phone, right?

According to later reports, AT&T eventually restored access to 4chan and confirmed blocking it because of the “practices of their policy department.” AT&T says they attempted to contact the owners of 4chan. Really? Well, why? Seriously, why do you need to contact the owners of 4chan? (Moot, the admin of 4chan, denies that they ever did and really, I think I believe him.) 4chan has been around for almost six years. People who would never go to 4chan have heard of 4chan. The entire idea of contacting Moot is ludicrous and stupid.

Needless to say, customers are pissed and they should be. It starts to make a customer wonder, what else has AT&T decided I shouldn’t be allowed to see?