A few days ago I happened across a link to this comic (see below). The link made it look interesting and perhaps funny so I clicked. This is a screenshot of what I wound up with.


Wow. You know, it’s one thing to put ads on your site. It’s quite another to allow them to smear their logo feces all over your content. What brought me there? The comic. Do I get to see it? No.

I clicked the Sprint ad, just to see if it’d go away. It didn’t. I did the same with the Wired magazine ad. That didn’t work either. I refreshed the page perchance to get new ads that didn’t throw themselves all over the content. No dice. The Sprint ad remained stubbornly in place over a good, what, fifth of the comic? In all I’d say that at least a quarter of the content is hidden under ads.

I know that the web is driven by ads and I don’t mind that. After all, you have to do something to pay the bills. But imagine turning on your telly and switching over to your favourite show. And, while you’re watching the show, a commercial pops up and covers the star’s face while the show keeps playing. You want that on the telly? No?

Well then I don’t think we should put up with it online either.

I finally wound up reading it through a completely different link. The funny thing is that someone complained that the different link was taking something away from the comic artist, that they weren’t getting their advertising revenue because we were going to a different site. I didn’t have the heart to tell that stupid bastard that the reason we were going off the artist site was because of the advertising revenues.