microphoneI have the good fortune of working at a library where we have a lot of musical talent running around the staff. So much so that, when the idea came up that we should form some kind of library band, making it a real thing went very smoothly. Most of the members of the group are multi-instrumentalists. Our Adult Services Supervisor plays damn near anything you can think of. For the programme we’re playing today, he’s rockin’ out on two different kinds of sax, electric guitar, and bass guitar. My boss, the Branch Manager is a drummer, a bassist, and a guitarist. My friend and colleague over on the Adult Services side is a hell of a guitarist and does slap bass like a pro. We have two sort of dedicated singers from Youth Services, but one of those singers also happens to play bass guitar too. I’ve been a keyboardist since the age of five, but I also play drums and bass guitar.

This is the perfect kind of thing to try in an economy where library budgets are strapped for cash and programming budgets are either slashed worse than a prostitute in Whitechapel in 1888, or they’re just gone completely. We all brought something to the band. I don’t sing worth a damn, but others do. No one plays keyboards like I do and I have my own distintive way of playing drums. Sure, four of us play bass guitar, but not like the Adult Services Parapro. My boss is a hell of a drummer, but also knows how to sing too. We’ve all got these little talents that, when you put them together, you get, at the very least, a half-assed pretty good band.

jazzCameraWhat have you got in your library as far as talent? It might surprise you. I’d have never pegged my boss for a drummer, but she’s awesome with a set of sticks. Me, I look about as much like a new age keyboardist as I do a linebacker for the Denver Broncos. Look around, and you may be surprised. As a band, we’ve brought and bought our own equipment. All the library pays us for is our time, which is already paid for. The librarie’s total cost of putting this programme together is almost zero. (No budgetary items were added. We collect the same paycheques we would have if we weren’t doing a programme today.)

Coming up soon, I’ll post a video of our performance and then a break down of how you, yes, you can also make a decent looking video with some rather inexpensive software, inexpensive video cameras, and some time. Anything that’s a step above the quality you’d find on public access is a-ok!