WalkmanI know I’m old when a teenager can be looking at a Walkman like it’s a piece of antiquated technology, something from an age when people soared in zeppelins and the best way across the ocean was by steam ship. I think I had at least 20 various Walkman type things when I was growing up. I used them a lot, because I walked damn near everywhere I went. Either that or I biked and I’d just clip it to my pocket, pop in a tape, and ride.

So the reason I had so many of those things is simple, I wore them out.

So what happens when a teenager takes a look at the Walkman and uses it for a week? Well, hilarity ensues. Beyond that, you get a good look at a piece of history that means a lot to people my age and abosolutely nothing to anyone younger. Soon, the Walkman will be remembered in the same technological memory humanity reserves for cylindrical records and 8 tracks.

It’s stuff like this that makes you wonder. What comes after iPod? Is there life after MP3? When music is digital and there’s no physical manifestation of it (like one has with a CD or tape), where else can you go? What else can you do?