I’ve worked in libraries for 16 years now. I really need to have some kind of anniversary party if for no other reason than there would be cake and booze.

In that time, except for one brief year where I taught staff how to use computers, the Internet, and Polaris ILS; I’ve spent all of those years in Circulation. And yes, that’s a capital C proper noun. Circulation is the face of the library. It’s where the exciting stuff happens. Patrons think we’re all librarians even though most of us aren’t. (But who do the librarians go to when they have a hard question about the collection? Oh, and which do you think is more important to library administrators: the number of reference questions asked or how many books checked out that month?)

Let me tell you, if I’d been the Circulation Manager of this library and someone in charge came to me and said “We’re remodeling and we want to do this…” My first words would’ve been “Oh HELL no,” followed by several other obscenity laced allusions to the person’s intelligence and the sexual promiscuity of their mother.


The message here is simple. Do not talk to the staff. You go inside where you might find someone who’s been vetted and thus allowed to have a conversation with you.

What the hell is this, The Wizard of Oz? Are we to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain?

(Via Tame the Web. Picture from sirexkat.)