You ever see something that’s a pretty good idea, but with the inclusion of one more thing it’d be an even better idea?

I have mixed feelings about OCLC’s Geek The Library campaign. Jessamyn has a wonderful post which farily sums up my feelings in general, but there’s something missing. They’ve got this visually stunning campaing, and it is stunning. They’ve got these images of people and what they “geek.” Nice. But what about me?

Or more importantly, what about you?

This is supposed to be a community based library support thing. And with that, you usually offer something to spread the word, right? So what would be better than the ability to make your own “Igeek” posters? Something you could make, print out, and stick up someplace the public could see it would be really cool. The design is eye catching and would make a nifty conversation piece. Hell, you can make your own warning signs and motivational posters, surely they can do this too. Indeed, all it needs to ask for is a picture and one or two words and then some code to put it all together.

So why, might you ask, am I not working on such a thing? Well, that’s simple. I have no idea how to actually code something like that. I might be able to throw something together in PHP, but I have a feeling that the finished product will look like something I threw together in PHP. However, I do have Photoshop and Publisher at my disposal and I bet y’all have something similar. So… here:


Oh and, for the record, just because I think the end result will look like crap doesn’t mean I’m not looking into it. But I really think it’ll be above my capabilities for programming.

Edit: Made the image clickable for the larger version.