windows7logoLifehacker reports that the upcoming release of Windows 7 finally inludes something that Windows has been lacking since its creation. You’ll finally have the ability to create a new folder using nothing but your keyboard.

Now this may sound like nothing big, but the fact of the matter is that, as a computer geek and librarian, I tend to squirrel things away in folders all the time. I have a graphics directory that’s meticulously ordered using several folders. Creating folders is just one of those things you tend to do a lot of, especially when you’re dealing with music files, pictures of the kids, and stuff like that. But to do it you had two options: You could either right click in the window, select New, then select Folder, and then name the folder or you could drop to a command line and do it manually.

Neither are particularly fast, especially when you’re trying to organize several gigs of images or MP3s.

Windows 7 finally allows you to create a new folder with a simple keyboard command Ctrl+Shift+N. This is the kind of thing that’s existed in software for decades, but not within the Windows OS itself.

Now, how’s about the ability to print out the contents of a directory? Can we get one of those, please?